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What We Offer 

At AC Rentaplant we believe in offering a limited number of services, but providing these services in a professional, safe and cost effective manner. We do not buy into the train of thought that a ‘Jack of all trades’ can offer an exemplary service on a regular basis.

Our core business is simple – we offer maintenance and rental/maintenance of live specimen plants and containers to suit your requirements. We do this in a professional manner from design, to proposal, to quotation and installation along with continued maintenance to keep these specimens in prime condition.

How We Do It 

Our maintenance agreement ensures that any plant which falls below your expectations or indeed ours, due to age or size will be replaced. Live plants are constantly changing but we appreciate that your expectations may not.

After the design and installation of your plant displays, we will visit your premises 17 times per annum to carry out maintenance works on your displays so that they remain as visually appealing as the day you invested in them. This service includes feeding, watering, pruning and cleaning.

If you have previously acknowledged the benefits of live plant displays in your premises and have already had them installed, do not despair. We can offer a maintenance package which removes the rental aspect from the agreement. This can be delivered with the same benefits, in respect of plant replacement, as a full rental/maintenance package.

Additional Services 

Alongside our core business we offer customers the ability to avail of various other landscaping services. Many companies and major organisations across Northern Ireland already benefit from our services in areas such as:

Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your requirements and receive a quotation without obligation.

Ice Control/Gritting.


Snow Clearing 


External Landscaping


Weed/Moss Control


Power Washing


Landline: 02892 669 074

Mobile:  07921 574 597


Area of operation:
Northern Ireland
Republic of Ireland for specific customers

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