Why Live Plants?

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Why Choose Live Plants? 

The reasons are many and varied and not all related to aesthetics. Most of us know instinctively that being close to greenery makes us feel more at ease with our surroundings. We experience less stress when there are plants around us. Buildings are quieter and more relaxed but, at the same time, more stimulating and interesting. A substantial body of academic research has shown conclusively that interior landscaping has dramatic effects on the wellbeing of building occupants.

Some examples of this are as follows:

Absence due to sickness is reduced by as much as 60% (Smith/Lohr). This has an immediate effect on the bottom line – no loss of time or productivity due to absence; no additional costs of temporary cover.

Staff who can see plants from their desks are more likely to remain calm (Bringslimark). 

Whilst just one plant can reduce feelings of negativity, anxiety and depression (Burchett).

And staff who have some say in the decoration of their workspace i.e. plants and pictures are 38% more productive and 45% more creative (Knight).

There is no doubt that plants have a very positive effect on workers in particular but all of us in reality.

The Gains of Using Live Plants

The sole purpose of many is to create an enjoyable experience for the shopper, the visitor or the buyer. Interior landscaping delivers this by creating a comfortable environment to which people will happily return. Interior landscaping professionally installed and maintained can add pounds to your business, directly and indirectly.

First and foremost live specimen plants in a client’s reception make a good initial impression.

Planting at the entrance of a building add a perception of quality and assurance of the business.

Plants can help people find their way around buildings and large spaces.

Live plants can increase customer spend by providing a receptive and relaxed environment.


The cost is proportionate to the requirements and with our ability to offer a rental/maintenance package, there is no need for a large capital outlay to avail of the advantages and benefits highlighted earlier.

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